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Grant Writing

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Arconic Foundation Grant

Print Shop

The District will utilize the grant funds to purchase multiple clothing printers for our Secondary STEM "shop". Our technology education teacher will embed it's use into multiple different classes, including our A-R Inc. course. The A-R Inc. classes will create and develop a business, design, marketing, and sales model to help not only sustain the program, but to help grow it. During the course, students will create a successful business model that will allows students to gain valuable skills such as collaboration, graphics, marketing, sales, design, and communication just to name a few. The fact that we will be able to integrate this grant into our current planned course with minimal adaptations or changes speaks volumes about fluidity of our curriculum and the creativity of our instructors.


IUP Artist in Residence Mural/Mosaic Project

A-Rts Along the Kiski

Through a collaborative effort funded by IUP's ArtsPath program, Grable Foundation, Allegheny Ridge Corporation Pittsburgh-to-Harrisburg Main Line Canal Greenway, several local donors, and the Apollo-Ridge Education Foundation, a $20,000 project to create a mural/mosaic project for installation in Apollo Borough was accomplished.

This aggressive project involved an IUP ArtsPath Artist in Residence program, two lead artists, one Apollo-Ridge art teacher, and dozens of Apollo-Ridge high school and middle school students.

It took one year from concept to dedication to complete the 60' wide x 15' high project.

Visit the PRIDE IN OUR PAST page of the website for more details and photos.

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Arconic Foundation Grant

Sheltering our Supporters

Arconic Foundation granted $20,000 to create a shelter/concession stand/equipment storage shed for the Apollo-Ridge track. The origination of this project comes from the challenge the school faces for outdoor events at the track.  Apollo-Ridge lacks two very important things for the its track-related competitions and the annual Relay for Life event; 1) storage and 2) shelter.  We do not currently have a place to store equipment for our track and football teams, nor do we have a shelter for anyone using the facilities to avoid the weather. This project will address that challenge by creating a storage shed/pavilion.  The process will include all steps of construction beginning with paper and pencil drawings, CAD drawings using Solid Works, printed 3D models, permit applications, and actual construction of the structure. Throughout the project Apollo-Ridge High School business students will track and allocate the grant funds to appropriate vendors.  After the completion of the project both sports teams will be able to store their equipment safely throughout the year and community members attending the athletic competitions or participating in the Relay for Life will also be comfortable under the pavilion in the event of inclement weather.


Arconic Foundation Grant

Elementary Greenhouse

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The Apollo-Ridge Elementary School received a $20,000 grant to purchase two greenhouses for the First and Second Grade Science students to engage in multiple learning experiences. The staff is also learning what plants will grow when and how to best utilize the greenhouses all year long.


The best experience has been getting the students in the dirt!  Squirting them clean after a class of planting has been one of the most memorable experiences…some have never done this!  Standing barefoot in the soil was another simple, yet connecting experience for the students.


While still in the trial and error stage of planning and learning in the greenhouses, the hope is to plant some vegetables on a vine this year.  Trellises for tomatoes and green beans to climb have been purchased.


The elementary hopes this learning experience will instill passion for growing plants in our students that they will carry with them through adulthood!


Arconic Foundation Grant

STEAM Center

This $20,000 grant was used to create a clean makerspace in the STEAM Center where all secondary students will have access to 3D printers, laser engravers, and vinyl cutters to help increase their ability to solve problems and soft skills such as teamwork and communication with peers. This project combines STEM education along with workplace readiness skills. Teachers from all content areas will have access to this technology to increase the rigor and relevance of their instruction by providing STEM (cross-curricular) instruction.

Travis Barta, Apollo-Ridge School District curriculum coordinator and author of the grant, feels that creating a maker space gives students the opportunity to learn problem solving strategies. 

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Alcoa Foundation Grant

Project Lead the Way Launch

This $15,000 grant from the Alcoa Foundation was used to purchase PLTW Launch Curriculum for students in grades 1-5. The Launch curriculum introduces students to STEM concepts at a younger age and builds a foundation for more rigorous learning at the middle and high school levels. The students will engage in astronomy, material science, animal adaptations, stability & motion, energy, human anatomy, and structure & function to name a few. The grant will fund the purchase of VEX IQ Kits, eBooks, PLTW Classroom Kits and miscellaneous materials as needed for the hands-on activities.

Jamie Laws, a member of Alcoa's Foundation whose two children attend Apollo-Ridge, sponsored the grant for us.


HDR Foundation Grant

Project Lead the Way

The $15,000 grant from the HDR Foundation went to the purchase of VEX Robotics kits and additional supplies to support STEM education in the Apollo-Ridge School District. The school uses the supplies to teach eighth-grade students a new STEM-based curriculum to encourage and inspire students to pursue more advanced high school courses, and possible careers in STEM-related fields.

Jim Carnahan, former school board member whose three children attended Apollo-Ridge, sponsored the grant for us.

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